At least on the Linux amd64 3.2.0-36-generic kernel, here is how it works: go to Mediatek Linux Driver page.  This is for the RT5572 driver.  Download it.  Extract the bz2 file using tar xvf.  Then edit the file os/linux/

”    ** Build for being controlled by NetworkManager or wpa_supplicant wext functions

Then make and make install should get the driver added.  I had trouble connecting to a wpa2 router at first but after copypasting the wpa2 key in a few times it worked.  I may have to blacklist some other drivers to get it to work flawlessly.


The tl-wdn3200 is a cheap reliable wireless n device I bought to connect to my new dd-wrt router, which supports a torrent client and samba from a connected usb drive.  It also supports up to 8 separate AP’s from the same device, making it easier to charge my neighbors money for internet usage.


[SOLVED] Ubuntu 12.04 beta2 issues with Ralink RT2800 PCI loses connection – Page 4 – Ubuntu Forums