Jim Goad on Fascism

The notion of innate equality would seem antithetical to fascism as the term is commonly understood. Yet since equality is a well-meaning human-generated delusion rather than a real or organic phenomenon observable anywhere in nature, it must be enforced by increasingly totalitarian measures. Thus, once the seemingly open-minded liberalism I knew and embraced as a kid started gaining power and steamrolling over all opposition, it metastasized into an all-consuming doctrine of coercion, shaming, groupthink, and unblinking thought-suppression that would fit most of my preconceived notions about what constitutes fascism. Modern leftist psychology is supremely collectivist and intolerant of dissent—two commonly accepted defining traits of fascism.



….from Street Carnage

Nacho Borracho, the Nacho Bar

I was like a fly to shit when this place opened.  It evaded me for some time because it doesn’t open until 3 pm, and I try not to be anywhere near capitol hill at or after dusk when the place is overrun by fruitcakes.  Eventually though, I made it in there.  I was terribly excited to try this place that prides itself on nachos and also is by the same people that created the culinary sensation of Montana.

I was only a little disappointed.  Most of my complaints are incidental and not likely to happen to everybody.  I hit them at a strange hour too so they were probably not on their top game.  Their junior varsity team was probably making my nachos at 3 pm.  That jv team made my nachos by pouring the little tiny broken chips at the bottom of the bag out on my plate, and then covering them up with larger chips.  The toppings were acceptable.  They don’t use cheap cheese, it tasted like jack cheese.  They include pickled carrots, a novel and pleasant diversion.

More exciting than their nachos to me was their drink menu.  Their el diablo is a pretty good drink.  I am usually not the sort to buy mixed drinks if beer is on tap, but when in Rome.  The slushy drinks were also good.  I was impressed with the avocado marguerita.

I visited this place and had their nachos only the day after going to The Matador and getting their insane $9 steak nachos.  I am sad to report that Nacho Borracho pales next to the mountain of awesome that is the $9 steak nachos of Matador.  I will definitely go back to increase my sample size though, because I suspect my nachos were carelessly assembled by an amateur on the occasion.  I shall have to go back into the heart of Gomorrah at night, when things are in full swing and the A list is in the Borracho kitchen.  No doubt there will be men prancing and careening about in tighty whities while straight women cheer them on, if past capitol hill evening experiences are any indication.


Streetcarnage makes me sneeze coffee again

This is a really funny article.  It is about the public concern that Barbie is unrealistic.  The author destroys this point of view by first examining realism.  When did kids ever care in their games about being realistic?  Finally, he goes the other way and shows just how realistic Barbie actually is:

“It seems to me that the popular, long-established Barbie is not unrealistic at all. There is nothing in her backstory about having a job, yet she lives in a dream house, drives a convertible, and has her own spa. That is not the kind of free swag you get for being a six. Nay, daddy Ken does not reach deep into his stacks for a mere Lammily, spending his salaries on her calories. A pink convertible is strictly tiny waist, huge tits, long legs territory. Dream houses are for Barbies only. You see it every day.

Conversely, so long as we’re being realistic, ol’ Frumptown Lammily would have accessories more suited to her league. A “realistic Ken” with sweatpants and a bottle of ranch dressing that he takes with him to restaurants for maximum dippin’. A dream Datsun, maybe a couple of action cats…maybe. Somehow I think this is not the “realism” Nickolay wants to create with his drab little effigy. The point of it, I think, is that all the Lammilys out there deserve the world and more. After all, they’re average. Average is genius. Average is superior. Average is BEAUTIFUL.”


Hahaha, beautifully done, though I doubt Lammily would put up with the realistic Ken as depicted.  She doesn’t look that frumpy.

CyanogenMod upgrade problems

Upgrading to CyanogenMod 10.2.1 caused swype to stop working.  It also made Google maps stop finding my location.  I think there were other problems too.
Long story short, I downloaded the new Google apps and booted into recovery and installed it.  All problems were solved.
The only issue left over is that it takes a long time to wake up from sleep mode, sometimes up to five seconds.  I tried clearing the cache but no improvement is noticeable.

Update: A problem that seems to be common with this upgrade is that when you call somebody or receive a call from somebody you can’t hear them and they can’t hear you. The only way it would work is if you put it on speaker phone or some kind of Bluetooth connection.
I couldn’t tolerate this on a business line, and after a few resets and attempted upgrades I flashed a hybrid radio on to the phone.
And it fixed it! As an added bonus, I may be able to connect to lte. I thought that the radios in a mobile phone were hardware and fixed, but I guess not. You can change frequencies and all kinds of nonsense, even enable LTE.
After this mess I don’t know if I will bother upgrading again. This was a huge amount of horseshit to put up with; random reboots and not being able to use the phone to talk to people, losing business calls, etc. I was only using stable releases to avoid this kind of thing, too. I will probably take the plunge on some
boring Tuesday night in six months after I have forgotten these trials.

Google’s Role in the Locksmith Scam

For years now, people have been moving away from using the yellow pages to using Google and, for more savvy people, yelp and other review based sites.  Google is in a profitable spot to sell advertising to those not smart enough to use yelp or an ad blocker.
Google has risen to the opportunity, selling ads to the highest bidder for ten years or so.  They have gotten greedy though, and some of the ads they have allowed are for illegal substances (like this case for which they settled with the US government for 500 million dollars).
Google hasn’t learned their lesson though.  They made it harder to advertise drugs sold without a prescription, buy they found a new cash cow: Jewish locksmith scammers.  The Israeli locksmith scammer‘s business model relies on Google heavily because adwords offers the criminal anonymity as well as placement in the first results of a search for a local locksmith.  Scammers might pay Google $15 on up to over $30 per click for valuable keywords like “Seattle locksmith”.  They can afford it because they overcharge by hundreds of dollars.  Real locksmiths only charge 60 or 70 dollars to unlock a house or car and can’t afford half their gross income to pay Google for advertising.  Real locksmiths have to pay taxes, something which the Jews try to avoid (though you can be sure it is itemized on their bills!) unless of course they are the ones collecting the taxes.

Moreover, scammers will sell you shit hardware.  The locksmith sells high quality locks, not cheap import locks that cost less than $5 each.
Google is very well aware of where their money is coming from when they sell these ads.  Locksmiths have been very vocal about the issue.  Google has historically done nothing about the problem of scammers unless the camera lens came into focus on them about it.  When a local TV station does a story about the problem then miraculously all of the spam gets cleaned up from Google maps.  Only in that city though. And only for a few weeks until people’s memory fades away. The top results on a Google search page will still be scam artists because of AdWords.   Only after a court conviction does Google remove spam AdWords.  We saw this with run local locksmith, when they got caught for tax evasion or whatever and their paperwork got exposed to the public.  We know then that Google could fix this problem because they have done it before.  They lack the will though, their spines have been weakened by greed and their mortgage payments probably now depend on the money coming in from a nationwide organized crime ring whose MO is to overcharge people by as much as possible.
They will charge an old lady $300 to open her door in the middle of the day.  How? In the lady’s own words, by “knocking the doorknob off with a sledgehammer.” Of the scanners grey the idea that you are helpless, senile, and rich, they will demand $800 for what a real locksmith would charge $80. They will demand $200 from a poor old woman who had lost the ability to reason.
This is not to say they only prey on the old.  They will also attempt to extort sex out of those who are young and attractive.  “You don’t have $300?  Maybe we can work something out,” they will say.  It could be your daughter or son that these miserable Jewish scoundrels are attempting to manipulate.
It all comes back to this, though: Google is allowing this to happen under their roof.  They know about the problem because many people have campaigned endlessly to tell then about it.  They continue to do nothing about it, whether because The Cabal ordered them to allow scanners unfettered access to their ad networks or just because they like the money, I will leave it up to the reader.  Try “report a problem” links on fraudulent locksmith listings.  They will get you nowhere, it is a cathartic link.  It is no better than the close door button in the elevator, it is meant to make you feel better.
I hope that somebody starts a class action lawsuit or some attorney general sues Google inc for their complicity in this nationwide scam, and while they are at it I hope they sue the phone companies who sell blocks of phone numbers to the scammers so they can have fake listings in the hundreds in every city large or small in the USA going back to their pbx’s in easy coast call centers.
The Jews and these business entities aren’t the only ones who are guilty, though.  American complacence is also a culprit.  People have to complain about this fleecing.  I have earned people about this scam, only to hear later that they fell prey to the scam after I warned them about it.  They always explain that they don’t care, they were in a hurry (this despite the scammers always taking at least 45 minutes to show up). To which I answer, I guess money is no object to them.
Make Google answer for their complicity: raise your voice!  Call your state attorney general.  Follow up and leave bad reviews. Tell the BBB. It could prevent identity theft or a national security crisis!

Retarded Ad Campaign for Portland

For some reason the city of Portland, OR has started an advertising campaign called, “Portland is happening now!”   This may be surprising to you, Portland, but if you have to advertise how great Portland is then it implies that Portland sucks.  If Portland was nice then people would want to move there on their own!  Witness this retarded ad showing the admittedly great Powell’s Books and some girl walking around amused by a bicycle lane, her lips slowly forming a giant grin as she walks through downtown Portland and sees the same retail stores as any other large city.  Lady, if you like that you should go to Copenhagen or the Netherlands and see a real bicycle commute.  They will run your ass over if you are standing in the middle of the lane over there, bicycling is for real in northern Europe!  Every big city has a big book store.  Admittedly, Powell’s is great.  It’s not great enough to make up for all of Portland’s other problems though.

Portland is happening now, but mostly just for strippers and homeless people.  It is a great place to go if you want to be a stripper because they don’t serve liquor at strip joints in WA, so people drive across the border to drink and get lapdances meaning they tip more and you get twice the customers.
Homeless people also love Portland because it reeks of urine already there so it feels ok to piss anywhere you please, and because of the high unemployment rate nobody judges the homeless too much down there.  Also there are lots of liberal retards in Portland who are more likely to support gimmedats and letting homeless people sleep on their couch or in their doorway.
If Portland wants anybody to come there, it should be conservative men with good work ethics.  They should have a city wide ordnance banning hipster clothing if anything.  Maybe then people interested in working would be in Portland instead of strippers and hopeless people who don’t contribute anything to society except serving food or coffee and their blogs.  Fuck Portland.


Removing Empty Genre Folders in Apollo Music Player (Android)

Short Answer: Go to Settings>Apps>Media Storage>Clear Data.  Then Reboot.

I run Cyanogenmod on my phones and with it Apollo Music Player used to come with it.  It no longer does because of some bullshit lawsuit involving patent infringement, but I will continue using it because it is awesome (You can still download and install the latest version by .apk.  I hope somebody resumes development of it!).  The only problem I have found is with extremely large collections of 8 gb with a lot of different tags and stuff it seems to overwhelm Apollo’s database and Apollo crashes.  This has been manageable by avoiding non-album tracks and making sure that mixtapes have the track artist name in the title, to keep database entries down.

When you remove a track from your phone, Apollo’s database removes the track but not the genre entry.  This means when you click on the genre entry, it will open but there won’t be any tracks there.  How to fix this?  Go to Settings>Apps>Media Storage>Clear Data.  Then if you go to Apollo, it will show that there aren’t any music files on your phone!  The phone will scan itself for media on reboot though, and you won’t have any extra unfilled genre tags in your music player.  What a relief!  I hate stopping at a stoplight and trying to change the playlist and can’t because all of my genre tags are for files no longer on the phone.

I just read that there is a new version of apollo music player on the android forums that was released a month ago, maybe they fixed this bullshit.  If not, I may just break down and get another media player.  Apparently DB Poweramp makes an awesome android music player that I might try but I don’t generally pay for apps, and I hate ad-supported nonsense.  I try to live my life without any form of advertisement at all and especially when it comes to the screen real estate of my small phone.

New Albums from Halgrath, Dust to Digital

The last album was really good.  Looking forward to giving this one a listen.  Listening to Dust to Digital’s new mix right now, it is fantastic!

El baracho del Norte

I went to this place twice, first with a friend and then with my girlfriend.  Apparently it used to be a Cajun restaurant but switched to TexMex and put lots of skulls on the walls, probably after noting the astounding success of Phinney’s El Chupacabra. 
This place is really awesome for happy hour.  Just really good.  They have a lot of tacos for $1 each that are great.  They also have the “el cheapo” marguerita for $4 at all times, and it is a reasonably good marguerita.  I would even venture to say that it is the best value marguerita outside your home bar.  Just remember to tell them not to put salt on the rim because their mix is salty as all get out! 
My second time around I decided I had better try their nachos if I am to retain the crown as the best nacho blog in Seattle.  The nachos here are a puzzle.  They put so many toppings on that there isn’t any untouched part of a chip to grab.

“Conquest” Full Movie 1983 – Fighting Fantasy / Horror (Lucio Fulci)

This is an amazing film.  Gratuitous scene of puss and gore halfway through.  It could stand to be edited down to ~45 minutes, but you know how Italian films are: lots of zooming in and ridiculous extraneous footage are the norm.

A “little bitch” recently cut me off on the freeway.  He purposely drove really fast from behind me as two lanes combined into one so that I couldn’t merge, but had to slow down.  We ended up at the same stoplight and it gained him no time whatsoever, but forced me to slow down to avoid colliding with a guard rail.

After the stop light, I snapped this picture of his license plate (AKM2293).  I drove past to see what sort of person would be so rude and upon seeing the twit said to myself, “Ah, a little bitch who has to drive like a fuckhead to feel empowered in a world that has dealt him bad cards since day one”.  Open and shut case.  Asshole probably voted for Obama twice.

Aggressive, asshole driver

Aggressive, asshole driver

In other news, if you are into Balinese gamelan music, this is a great record rip.  A new place has opened up in Ballard with a fantastic happy hour featuring $1 tacos and $4 “El Cheapo” margueritas that are $4 even when it is not happy hour.  It used to be a Cajun restaurant, but was converted.  This place is on the corner of 8th nw and Leary Way, across the street from where Anita’s Crepes used to be.

Armor for cats and mice.

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